Dates for 2019:


Classic Semana Santa/Easter in the Andes Tour:  11 - 23 April  SOLD OUT!!

Classic Workshop Tour which includes 9 days of workshops, Lima - Arequipa - Colca Canyon - Cusco - Sacred Valley - Machu Picchu - Lima:  26 April - 17 May  AND  26 July - 16 August  SOLD OUT!! 

By popular demand we are adding an additional Classic Workshop Tour:  11 October - 1 November. SOLD OUT!

Dates for 2020:


Classic Semana Santa/Easter in the Andes Tour:  3 - 14 April

Classic Workshop Tour:  17 April - 8 May


Other Tours/You choose the dates:

Lima-Cusco-Puno/Lake Titicaca-Lima:  if you choose to visit Cusco in June, you will be able to see the Q'iswa Chaka (Quechua for "rope bridge") being constructed over the Apurimac river - if you don't know about this extraordinary event, connect with us and we'll fill you in - it's not to be missed if your dates coincide.  

Please contact us for comprehensive information about the above tours - scroll down for the Contact form - we can't wait to hear from you!!: