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We are a small company built upon Fair/Ethical Trade ideals with the purpose of sharing, with women like you, some of the extraordinary, fascinating, shocking, gorgeous and magical history, sites, textiles, folk art and traditions that Peru has to offer.

Whether you are looking for a superbly organized and unique textile tour adventure with workshops, where you can engage up close and personal with Peruvian artisans or; a tour which includes visits to many artist’s studios off the tourist trail or; an internship in the studio of an internationally renowned retablo artist please click on the following links:




This is just a small sampling of comments we have received about our tours; to read all of them, please click the following links:

22 Day Workshop Tour  |   12 Day Ayacucho/Huamanga Tour

 The trip has been a most wonderful and enriching experience. From the moment I set foot on the airport and met with Anabel’s and Hernan’ welcoming smiles! The 12 days in Ayacucho introduced me to authentic Peru as they were not so many tourists there. I loved staying at Casa de Retablo’s beehive community! It was thrilling to work with the great Maestro  Silvestre and to see how all his family was allocated different roles in order to make everything run seemlessly.  Our daily trips to the artisan houses were a delight which made me humble in front of the skill, the passion, the tradition and the love involved in every piece they made. Evenings on the square, admiring the gorgeous flower rugs for Semana Santa were special and Via-Via made the best crepes and offered the best view! I loved my stay in Peru between the two tours; I treated myself to a mani-pedi, one block away from the hotel, went to the gorgeous old city, and the Museum which was like paradise with so many flowers and colours. The MATE museum left a huge impression of me and I staged myself as a Peruvian woman to be photographed a la Mate! Between the two tours I did a lot of walking in Lima by the ocean and loved this elegant city. Casa de Melgar is another paradise for all the senses and the workshops were excellent! Dona Elena is the sweetest, funniest teacher.  Dona Simona was a delight too! I LOVE how Puchka makes us feel home away from home while generously revealing to us this ancient unique culture. Your trip notes were excellent and what was promised there was delivered in such a fantastic way.  So, thank you mi amiga bonita for conceiving this dream and making so many people happy with it.  Teresa Amarilio, United Kingdom - 22 Day Workshop Tour and 12 Day Ayacucho/Huamanga Tour


The 12 day tour took us to the heart of craft work and into the 'talleres' or workshops of masters and mistresses of their craft. It was wonderful to visit their workplaces and to understand what made them tick. It was always living craft and that's what make the Puchka tours so special. I can say that, for me, for this trip and the first one too, PUCHKA Journeys are the best organized, managed and supported tours that I’ve experienced. Lesley Clements, United Kingdom  – 22 Day Workshop Tour and 12 Day Ayacucho/Huamanga Tour

I can't thank you enough for developing and organizing this very special trip.  All of the guides were wonderful; they translated when we didn't understand and included all of us in the group.  Every day got better and better; I loved meeting all the artists and hearing their stories.  Most of them suffered during the years of the Shining Path and yet they create such beauty and it's Family First for them!  Maximo showed such respect and caring for all of us and for the artists, John was a mountain of information; Anabel was very strong, focused and organized; the airport was seamless as were the bus rides over some interesting roads.  I fell in love with Peru and the people of Ayacucho.  Thanks for reserving space on the balcony overlooking the plaza - the processions were very moving and we had the perfect viewing spots.  The museums and expertise of the guides gave us great background; I have so much to digest and can't wait to research more about the history of this fantastic country.  Warm regards from Cynthia Myers, United States - 12 day Easter/Semana Santa Ayacucho Tour


These past 22 days have been a life changing gift that I thank you for with all that I am and all that I will be. Time stood still, my breath stopped and I watched, in awe, as fingers flew, colours danced and energy flowed. I left Peru bursting with new ideas, full of plans and dreams and a beautiful piece of Peru in my heart. Thank you for all you have done and all the people you have touched. Hilary Sadler, Canada – 22 Day Workshop Tour


Thank you for organizing another fantastic trip; I think that this one was even better than the last one.  The workshops were lots of fun and we had a chance to spend time with some of the wonderful people of Peru.  The visit to Bellavista was beyond words to express.  I felt so special and welcome.  Dancing with the children was especially wonderful and touching.  It was a particularly interesting trip between our daily workshops and tours and the Semana Santa/Easter processions every evening.  The hotel was perfectly located and thank you so much for reserving the balcony during the very popular and busy nights.  You were correct in telling us about the professional drivers you use and not to worry.  What Nestor and Allan were able to do is nothing short of miraculous!  I loved each and every workshop and they, along with the studios, were interesting and a delight.  We definitely packed a lot of events into a short period of time.  I can't wait to come back again!  Carolyn Junemann, United States - 12 day Easter/Semana Santa Ayacucho Tour.

Thank you for the most wonderful trip of a lifetime. It will remain a treasured experience, glowing in my heart with all its facets. I have been touched by so much richness, learned so many new skills, deepened my understanding and sensitivity, and challenged too, in meeting the demands of the unfamiliar. I am so appreciative for this wonderful opportunity to explore Peru and the trip has met my deepest expectations and more. Ellie Cohen, United States – 22 Day Workshop Tour

What a rare and precious experience this has been for me. I have had a visual, creative, mental, physical and emotional feast and have learned so much. PUCHKA's interaction with us and our teachers was exceptional, bringing us all closer to another world. Susan Waddell, New Zealand – 22 Day Workshop Tour

I just returned from participating in both the 22 day tour and the 12 day tour with Puchka tours and I could not recommend them more highly. I love the whole concept of the tours -  bringing people who have a desire to learn about other cultures and a love of fine arts  together with the people who are producing them, seeing where and how they are made and helping to make their production  sustainable. Cutting out the middle men puts a face and a history with the products and process and builds connections among people around the globe. I will be forever grateful to the Puchka people for the unique opportunity they gave me, to not only see the amazing sites and arts of Peru but to get to know Peru and her people from the inside out.  Cynthia Mateer, USA – 22 Day Workshop Tour and 12 Day Ayacucho/Huamanga Tour

The most wonderful for me has been to leave all the stresses of life in England behind me and to discover again the passion, creativity and enthusiasm for design, knitting and textiles that I have found again!!!! A new venture, an exciting time, all inspired by this trip.Thanks to all the teachers for their love, help and sharing with us their wonderful talents. Claire Pitcher, United Kingdom – 22 Day Workshop Tour

I am so happy that after years of seeing PUCHKA’s advertising in magazines, I finally made the decision to take this trip and made it! It has been a wonderful introduction for me to Peru and fascinating world of textiles in all their many forms and interpretations. Wonderful also to gain some insight into the lives of the people who I have met. Phillipa Mills, New Zealand – 22 Day Workshop Tour

 My trip with PUCHKA has been beyond all my expectations. My eyes have been opened, my senses have been stimulated and my heart has been touched. Thank you for the experience of a lifetime. Lisa Hill, United States – 22 Day Workshop Tour

Three weeks in Peru brings you down to earth and resets your values as to what is really important in life. The tour and activities were extremely well organized. If you want a holiday where you really experience Peru, and do and see much more than see a few main sites this is for you. Margie Newman, Australia – 22 Day Workshop Tour

My first view of the Andes will remain as the most breath-taking sight of my life. The Peruvians I have met have been among the most delightful people I have ever met. Thank you! Sally Russell, Australia – 22 Day Workshop Tour

The PUCHKA Tour has been a great success for me! I had hoped to find new ideas and experiences on this trip and that has truly happened. I have so many new ideas to explore that I won’t know which adventure to take!!!!

This has been one of the most enchanting and inspiring tours I have been on! It is a mix of great hands-on workshops, travel that welcomes everyone, and you will see the most impressive textiles that Peruvian people can produce.

This trip for me has been a “trip of renewal”. I want to apply this knowledge to all the fiber and pottery that I do at home. I have already been dreaming about the projects I can do.

I can truly say this has been a life changing trip. Thanks to everyone, Jan Stortenbecker, USA – 22 Day Workshop Tour and 12 Day Ayacucho/Huamanga Workshop Tour

I loved experiencing the way each instructor expressed information and ideas, the methods of communication without a shared language and general attitude towards materials and techniques. Robin Muller, Canada – 22 Day Workshop Tour

My trip with PUCHKA was a perfect blend of exploring the cultural aspects of Peru and learning about the history of the people and their textiles, and the wonderful tuition provided for our workshops Our teachers went out of their way to give me as much information as possible about their craft. I loved the people, the guides, Arequipa, the Colca, Cusco and Machu Picchu was a joy. Joy Cook, Australia – 22 Day Workshop Tour

In 2010 two friends and myself had "the trip of a lifetime "with Puchka Peru on a workshop tour. We fell in love with all of the talented teachers and the fantastic guides, the countryside and everything else we saw and experienced over the 22 days of the tour. Peru found its way into our hearts and so it was that on April 17, 2012, we boarded the plane for our second “trip of a lifetime”. Nancy Goodman, Canada – 22 Day Workshop Tour and 12 Day Ayacucho/Huamanga Tour

 I really enjoyed the Ayacucho tour.  It opened up an entirely new view of Peruvian life & philosophy & an appreciation of people's energy, devotion to culture & country, their artistry, & their warmth in welcoming strangers into their daily lives.  Betty Swindlehurst, Canada – 12 Day Ayacucho/Huamanga Tour

This was meant to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience and certainly it has been unlike any past holiday in the delights and insights it has brought. The only problem is, just once in a lifetime clearly isn't going to be enough! Thank you so much for bringing together for us such an inspiring and loveable group of teachers and guides, who have shown us something of “their” Peru to fall in love with. Ellie Kemp, UK – 22 Day Workshop Tour